Are you really truly ready to give up the painful story you’ve been allowing yourself to live beauty?

You are safe here. You will be treated with love and the utmost respect, because I get you girl, working from a place of fear is paralyzing.

I’m going to show you compassion, and kindness. I’m going to encourage you to face the fears you’re currently struggling with. I’m going to challenge you and I’m going to kick you in the butt with honest love when you need it to shed your sh*t story and align with your higher self.

If you’re willing to do the work, you will learn to listen to your higher self. To connect into your truth. You will strengthen your intuition and learn to trust yourself instead of seeking outer validation. You will learn to ground and protect yourself from outside energies. and You will learn to find gratitude in the little things. Your worth will increase.

Together we will discover how to reduce overwhelm and simplify your life. You will develop a strong self care practice, unique to you. You will begin to create healthy habits and create healthy boundaries.

You will make empowered choices for your life from a place of love and deep knowing - not from fear and worry.

Are you ready to align and connect with your soul? To feel a sense of fulfillment again and to have confidence in yourself?


Are you ready to welcome synchronicities and miracles into your life?

you DO NOT have to stay stuck here any longer than you choose too.....

You’ve really helped me in a lot of ways! Mostly I feel like you’re so supportive and encouraging. I often do know the direction I’m wanting to go in, but fears or negative beliefs will hold me back. You seem to have this magical ability to help me sweep all of that stuff aside and take big steps forward. Work and creativity seem to be the biggest shifts for me. But there’s so much connected to that - of course your understanding of being a mum, my journey back to work after having my daughter which has been really emotional - I would have struggled to feel ok with all of that if we hadn’t had our sessions.

You help so much to remind me to have confidence in myself and my choices and actions. And as a result, of course, every area of my life benefits - including my relationships with my husband!
— Amity, United Kingdom

I never thought I would be in this positive place without having to fake some it. I am honestly living my best life, being true to me, being true to everyone. The largest benefit of our work together is how I view life and those people in it. How living and believing in a deeper connection allows me to appreciate things, to have patience and work through any hurdle, to enjoy the moments and be happy.

I am forever grateful for our time together. You really care and support me, and continue to do so even if we don’t speak that often. Thank you for the work you do Laura. You are a very special lady who crossed my path at the perfect time.
— Jennifer, AB Canada

Laura and I connected instantly. She is a so supportive and encouraging. I felt instantly like she was an old friend. You know the ones who are loving and kind but will help guide you in the direction your soul is calling you to go, especially when you are fearful of that path.
— Danielle Atkisson - Indiana, US


the hardest step she ever took was to blindly trust in who she was.

- atticus

What it’s like to work with me.....

Your journey to this point in your life is unique to you and that is why our sessions will never be cookie cutter.

I use my intuition and angel cards to guide you in dropping out of your head and into your heart. We’ll work on going from living in a place of lack, struggle and fear - to a place of abundance, flow and love.

We’ll bring awareness to the big scary thoughts that are currently controlling your life and shed light on your shadows

We’ll focus on more gratitude in your life and align with love.

We’ll discuss and implement daily routines and rituals that strengthen your intuition and support your growth.

We’ll tailor our calls around your specific needs and what’s coming up in your life.

This work is like peeling back the layers of an onion. Together with your commitment to do the work, we’ll unveil the blocks you’ve built to protect yourself so that you can be your true authentic self.

I hold the loving space for you. I believe in you.

* We chat twice monthly, for an hour each via phone or Skype

* Unlimited Voxer & email correspondence - this is to help shift your state immediately when you’re feeling stuck between calls

* We commit to a minimum of 3 months together - lasting change requires time and commitment

Because I deeply honor your process and guiding you through your own unique soul journey requires my full attention and love for you... 


space is very limited.


I believe whole heartedly in your transformation and I know deep down that you can achieve your deepest desires. I want to support you in every possible way to shift from your current struggles and move into alignment with your soul, creating more love, more confidence and more excitement in your life.


** I value your time and mine so if you are serious about your commitment to embark on your life changing journey of self discovery please book a FREE 30 minute Clarity call so we can decide if we're a good fit for each other.

Learning to really connect to myself has really allowed me to learn to set boundaries (personal and business), go with the ebbs and flows of life and learn a new found sense of patience.

As a result, I am more focused on what I truly want in life and excited for the future. My relationship with my husband has come 10-Fold! I honestly never thought energy could flow the way it does and I feel very connected to him and he is in turn connected back to our family. We communicate like we’ve never before, which is so key in any relationship! I understand him more and feel like our relationship is more than what it was when we got married…. and we were in a pretty good place when we got married.
— Ashley - SK Canada
Perhaps why Laura and her mission resonated so well with me as an individual is because of her bravery. The bravery it takes to accept that for all these years you may have held yourself back, and don’t have to any longer - despite any challenges or adversity.
While there is always a risk to such a change into the unknown, the payout is so worth it.
Thanks to Laura and her leadership, I have been able to accept and appreciate my authentic self for the first time in decades.
The smile on my face, the laughter in my heart, the kindness in my eyes, the music in my ears and the self/love in my being speak for themselves.
— Aja - Alberta, Canada