What would it mean to be feel completely Free to be You!?

Do any of these resonate with your soul?

  • Giving yourself permission to say no, to RELAX and to be present with the people/things you love!

  • Letting a lot more play and fun into your life!

  • Creating space for your creativity to come alive!

  • Speak what's truly on your mind and not worrying about other's opinions when it comes to living in  YOUR Authenticity!

  • Loving yourself and your body just the way you are (You are absolutely beautiful BTW!) 

  • Comfort in intimacy and not being afraid or ashamed for exploring who are you!

  • Letting go of the need to judge or criticize others (and the fear of other's judging and criticizing you!)

  • Go after your dreams with the confidence that anything is possible!

  • Show up STRONG with your gifts to the world!

  • Dance and skip down the street without a worry in the world!

  • Get comfortable living OUTSIDE your comfort zone! Explore, travel, try new things!

As each participant contributes, listens, supports and informs their own personal journey, the group creates a safe place for others to do the same. According to my own experiences, I find that safety and security to be quite rare. How wonderful is that of a community where the core values of compassion, understanding and kindness are reflected in every post, comment and thought.
— Aja - Alberta, Canada

Free to be Me (Online interactive Facebook Community)

I know this journey can sometimes feel long and lonely when you are not surrounded by people who understand you and want to support you in your journey. 

And if you are new on this journey, it is crucial that you surround yourself with people that will inspire you, challenge you and love you while you heal and navigate through new territory.

As human beings, we crave connection. And in such a big, noisy world, we often find ourselves hopeless and alone.

I created this Facebook Community because I dreamed of a safe space for women to feel supported, empowered and loved as they explore who they truly are. 

Our beautiful community is very focused on:

  • Aligning with gratitude daily - increasing your vibes

  • Women empowering women - lots of love and support, sounding boards

  • Free challenges created to help you dive deeper into who you truly are

From our community of beautiful souls......

I’ve learned there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for, even in the darkest times. Laura has opened my eyes to practicing gratitude on a daily basis. I’ve noticed a large positive shift in everyday life!
— Ashley Walters - Chilliwack, Canada
My life has definitely changed for the better since being in this group. So many of the challenges that we’ve done have really opened my eyes and my heart as to how much I really connect with the universe.
It’s given me courage to go outside my comfort zone, to explore more of what’s out there to make me the best me ever!
Laura really knows how to get us thinking and I had no problem completing the challenges that she asked of us.
— Susan - AB, Canada
Life does not come with an operators manual, so we search for answers to our questions. Laura and this group provide us with support, encouragement and unconditional love as we go on our personal journeys. A safe place to explore our inner thoughts, fears, accomplishments all without judgement. A positive space.
— Evelyn
I love doing the challenges in this group, they help me commit to taking time to myself. And I’ve definitely learned a lot along the way. I love having the support of other like minded people and in turn supporting them. Laura is such a great supporter and I cherish all the love and support she gives each one of us!
— Tammy McCaffrey - Alberta, Canada
I absolutely love the 5 day challenges and the support that comes with them from Laura and the rest of the ladies in the group. When I fall back into negative patterns I love coming back to them and reigniting the positive vibes that Free to Be Me give!
— Nikki Leydier - Langley, Canada

If you're searching for kindness, love, guidance and support as you navigate through your personal journey, please join us - we can't wait to meet you!