Reignited Relationships

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Reignited Relationships


90 minute LIVE mini group zoom training

Wednesday May 23rd @ 7:30pm MST

for the woman longing for more passion & connection in her relationships.

++ Special Bonus Offer ++

Purchase before Tuesday May 22nd @ 11:59pm MST to receive a FREE 1 Hour PRIVATE 1:1 Reignited Relationship transformation call with Laura! ($111 Value)

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·      “My relationship isn’t near as perfect as I make it look, I’m trying to put on a good front and I am getting exhausted.”

·      “My husband needs to change, but I just don’t know how to make him see it without upsetting him.”

·      “We definitely don’t have the spark we used to, we feel more like roommates than lovers.”

Does that sound like you?


Those are the top 3 statements women reveal to me about their relationships.

And most women will just carry on anyways. Pretending like everything is ok.

They hope it’ll get better once they have a baby.

They may stick it out for the kids.

They dive deeper into their jobs and careers hoping the issue will clear itself up on it's own.

A lot of women feel guilty and ashamed for wanting more in their relationship.

They feel like they should be happy with what they already have.

They tell themselves that a lot of other women have it worse off.

And they just carry on……


But not you.


I know you are tired of feeling like roommates in your relationship.

And so here’s the thing....

I believe that our relationships with our partners are highlighting areas that we need to own. The parts of ourselves that are unloved and the areas of our lives that we need to grow in. Our relationships are TEACHING us and the longer we stuff those lessons down and avoid them, the longer we struggle in our relationships.

I do not believe that you landed here by accident. You are ready to go inward and to make a changes once and for all.

You will only Reignite your Relationship, when you learn how to take radical responsibility for your own energy.

So that is why, in this 90 min zoom mini group training, I will show you how to:

* gain back your CONFIDENCE to be open and to ask for what you are longing for in your man.

* learn to nurture yourself first so that you can feel a deep sense of PASSION and INTIMACY with him too.

* strengthen your CONNECTION with him, without ever having to nag or try to control what HE is doing.


** Space is limited to only 7 women (small, intimate training)

++ And as a SPECIAL BONUS OFFER!! ++

If you commit before Tuesday May 22nd @ 11:59pm MST I will GIFT YOU a FREE PRIVATE 1:1 Reignited Relationship transformation call with myself! ($111 Value)

Because witnessing women taking back their power and transforming their relationships absolutely LIGHTS ME UP! 

Are you ready to Reignite your Relationship?

In January 2015 my life changed when I heard three words. ‘I’m not happy’. Within 9 months, my husband was gone, my house was For Sale, and my journey to recovery and understanding began. I entered councilling almost immediately when I heard those words. I needed to start over with Who I was, how can I learn from this, and how do I continue to be a positive person for myself and my children. I did all the work, I talked until I couldn’t talk anymore, but I still needed more. I needed to finish that last mile, lose that last 10 pounds. I was 90% there. I needed something more - something deeper, spiritual. Laura was the answer.
I’ve known Laura for a few years and once I saw her online presence of Larocque Life, I knew I had to work with her. Laura’s energy, passion, and beliefs made sense to me. We spoke the same language. She is a warm, genuine, kind, down to earth, loving friend who provided a safe, supportive environment to heal. My time with Laura was life changing. Without her, the last 10% of negativity would be holding me back from living my best life.
— Jennifer - Red Deer, AB
Laura offered me a space of safety, a person who I could share my craziest thoughts with without judgement. And through that space, I’ve been able to see that I’m not as bad as I thought I was, that I am worthy of being loved.
Laura helped me form habits, from challenging my negative self talk to finding gratitude each day, which have changed how I respond to difficult times. Little things that she has taught me about showing myself kindness and setting boundaries, about how to care for myself. And all of these steps, that felt both so simple and so difficult have transformed me.
— Anna - United Kingdom
I was amazed that on our first call I became aware of a story I was holding on to from my childhood. Without Laura’s guidance, I’m not sure when this would have come into the light. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to work with Laura and bask in her knowledge and presence. Laura armed me with the tools to move forward in my life and step powerfully into the magnificent unknown. Thanks Laura!
— Alicia Cifuentes - Vancouver, BC

** You recognize that Laura LaRocque will always have your best interest at heart, and that with hard work and an open mind, you can make life-changing strides in your life towards your goals. However, as with anything in life, there are no guarantees and your success is dependent on your effort outside of the Laura LaRocque coaching as well **