Love note to you mama.....

momma post.jpg

Can we have a real quick chat about how we beat ourselves up? Especially as women, and especially as moms? 

I was so physically prepared for having a baby, but I'm learning really quickly that NOTHING prepares you for the emotional roller coaster of being responsible for another HUMAN LIFE. 

Everyone has an opinion on what is right and we can easily get caught up in comparing ourselves to everyone else's highlight reals on social media, but nothing is worse than when you turn on yourself. 

Never let your self talk belittle you as a mom. You are ENOUGH. Your babies chose you in this lifetime for a reason. You are doing your best. If you need to be selfish, then be selfish. Lock yourself in the bathroom for a moment for a pep talk. Be gentle with yourself. Be your own best cheerleader. 

No one said it would be easy, but they promised it would be worth it. 

You ARE doing it all right. Keep going momma. You totally got this 💜 never turn on yourself, your babies are counting on you.

  • Laura xoxo