Hi Beautiful!

I know you're here because right now you feel lost and a little overwhelmed. but  deep down you know you're ready for your life to be completely different.

And that is why I am like an open book. I share my journey with you to show you that anything is truly possible for you. 

Remember this, Where you are right now, does not define you. And you hold all the power to rewrite your own story.

A few random bits about me....

My favorite sound in the whole world is baby giggles.

I love country music & two stepping is my jam. I’m a country girl at heart. But I love the ocean - could watch it for hours.

I am not a fan of small talk - let’s get to the deep stuff!

My boys are the most important thing in my life.

I love Angels and Angel cards! I love working with crystals - sometimes they hang out all day in my pockets and bra! Hearts are my sign that I’m on the right path.

Purple is life!!!! Oh and chocolate, chocolate is also life!

My favorite movie is Dirty Dancing because well, nobody puts Baby in a corner ;)

I’m learning to live such a simple life and I LOVE it!

Louise Hay is my hero.

I really want to create my own line of unique, super comfy LOVE t-shirts (tanks and sweaters too!)

I LOVE birthdays - mine, other peoples! I just really love making people feel super special!

My journey has taught me invaluable lessons I could never have learned in a classroom....

* 32 years experience as a highly sensitive and empathic person, learning to navigate my way through this world.

This includes spending many years thinking there was something WRONG with me, because I never understood how I was different than the people around me. 

I know deep down how it is to FEEL different, to want to please everyone around me to fit in, to make my life appear perfect and to just really feel like no one understands me.


* 7+ years running my own business and PRACTICING as a Registered Massage Therapist.

The mind/body connection fascinates me! I am so grateful for this part of my journey where I got to witness firsthand how people suppress and hold emotions in their bodies.

These suppressed emotions show up as dis-ease in the body (illness, pain, etc) and it always amazed me to watch the emotional healing and letting go that took place alongside the physical healing.

I also learned the hard way how important it is for empaths to protect themselves and not pick up the energy from people around them! 

* At 26yrs old - failed marriage and failed at life.

Or so I thought. I did what I thought was supposed to make me happy. College, Career, Marriage. Next was a house and baby. But I finally had to be honest with myself. I was going through the motions and I hated my life.

* 5+ Years working with personal coaches & intense personal transformations. 

I dove in and immersed myself with anything I could get my hands on to. I did the work. I faced the parts I didn't want to. I found my Joy and connected back to ME. I transformed myself, my marriage and my life took a whole new turn!(Something I never EVER would have imagined possible for ME!)

My husband and I moved abroad for 2 years and started completely fresh. We left Canada with nothing but 3 suitcases, 2 one way tickets and only one weeks accommodation booked. We returned 2 years later with many new friends from around the world, a broadened view of how we wanted to live our life, 10+ new country stamps in our passports.... and a baby on board.


* My journey continues on....

Einstein said, "Once you stop learning, you start dying." I never want to stop learning and growing during the time I have left on earth.

Here's a few of my favorite growth opportunities that helped shape who I am today. I am so grateful for all opportunities that continue to open my mind, force me to challenge my beliefs and provide me with more tools to continue to transform my life and to help guide you through your journey.

  • Angel Card Reader Certification with Doreen Virtue - I was blessed with 4 beautiful days of digging deep into intuition and learning to use Angel cards with the Angel lady herself. 

  • Landmark Forum - 3 LONG days of intense breakdowns around the beliefs that shaped the way I think, act and speak. 

  • 10 Day Silent Vipassana Meditation Retreat - such a transformative experience and I'm so grateful I got to experience it at 26 weeks pregnant with my little man. There's no running from your thoughts there, and 10 days of silence and meditation really made me face some uncomfortable truths and filter through a lot of chatter in my mind.

  • 2017 School of Soul Wealth Method (currently enrolled in 2018 program too!) - A whole year focused on a lot of deep soul work, facing my own shadows, deep inner child awareness and healing, understanding energy on a deeper level, connecting with a tribe of people who totally GET me.... I could go on and on and on. 


The professional bit....

Laura is a heart-centered empowerment & spiritual coach for women who helps guide you in unveiling YOUR beautiful, authentic self, so you can live your life filled with freedom and happiness.

Laura gently guides women through a process of busting through limiting beliefs that are creating unhappiness and keeping them stuck. She lovingly nudges them to make empowering choices along their journey of self discovery and self love.

Her calling in this life is to hold loving space, free of judgment for women to heal past hurts and learn to truly love themselves so they can live a life on purpose, be more present, transform their relationships and change the trajectory of future generations.